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About Veitex


Veitex is today led by Bo Kjems. with decades of experience, Bo Kjems took the position as director of Veitex in 2007.

At the same time Veitex became a family business, when Bo Kjems is the son of the former owner, Viggo Jensen.

tørste tråde

Ower 100 years of danish production and design

Veitex has manufactured products since 1892. Over the years the company has produced many different types of textiles including towels, bedding and clothing.

How the production run today

Veitex currently receive raw materials of all types of cotton. The product is bleached or washed out, depending on customer's request. The fabric can then be completely ready for shipment, if the request is off-white or white.

Veitex | CVR: 31902002 | Mail: post@veitex.dk | Ndr. Stationsvej 2, 8721 Daugaard | Denmark